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Concannon Business Consulting was founded to address the growing need for experienced project and program management teams across a variety of industries. Our team is comprised of experienced resources that deliver immediate project impact and value for our clients, with the mission of 100% customer satisfaction. Our company has grown from two business partners to dozens of consultants servicing clients in the automotive, financial, high-tech, hospitality, retail, and consumer packaged goods industries.


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Car Sharing

Car sharing is revolutionizing vehicle ownership, metropolitan transit, and managed campus transportation. Are you taking advantage of it?

Sharing the Future

Car sharing has exploded in the last few years, changing not only how people get to their destinations, but also how they think about vehicle ownership and transportation.  CBC is highly involved in this space and can help you take advantage of the many opportunities afforded by car sharing.

Growth and Opportunity.

Although car sharing has been around for close to 20 years, recent innovations in market are attracting more organizations to consider offering such services. Vehicle accessibility and control options eliminate the clunky and inefficient exchange of keys or need to carry around another “card” for access; smartphone apps can do it all! Increased investment in Electric Vehicle technology and infrastructure has allowed for all-electric fleets producing fewer carbon emissions. The success of one-way car sharing models has increased utilization and broadened the customer base. Global car sharing services revenue is expected to grow from $1.1 billion in 2015 to $6.5 billion in 2024.

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Million Car Share Memberships


Countries with Car Sharing Programs


Billion+ Dollar Global Market in 2017


% Year over Year Growth

Key Considerations for Car Sharing Programs


Picking locations with the right mix of user density and accessibility, including strategic placement to complete first/last mile transit, can tremendously impact vehicle utilization rates.

Target Customers

Working professionals, college students, commercial businesses, etc. all have different needs and usage patterns

Vehicle Type

Program goals and location infrastructure may dictate gas, electric, or hybrid vehicle use


No matter the type of Car Share program, safety, security, and privacy of users’ information is paramount


Having the right type of insurance can keep your customers covered in case of an accident

Business Model

Determining how vehicles can be rented, round-trip or one-way, will significantly impact locations and revenue models. Will users be required to pay a monthly or annual fee and/or a per hour or per mile usage fee?

How We Can Help

Strategy Articulation

We can help identify the best-suited revenue and operating models for your Car Sharing Program. Our roadmap will cover all the key considerations, lay out the infrastructure needed, and detail out plans to accomplish all your goals. We will develop a tailored go-to-market strategy to ensure a successful launch and operation of your Car Share service.

Project Execution

We have deep experience in managing projects across complex partner environments, coordinating team resources (internal and 3rd party), keeping clear communication amongst all stakeholders, and managing the progress of key tasks to ensure a flawless roll-out of services. Our strong understanding of connected vehicle platforms enables us to plan for common, but often overlooked Car Share Program issues such as app stability, app form factors, limited or no cellular coverage scenarios, and signal transmission delays.

In-Market Support

We are invested in the success of our clients and continue monitoring and tracking against Program goals even after launch.

Ready to Tackle Car Sharing?

We have a proven track record of success and are ready to help you launch, improve, or expand your car sharing program.  From market research to prototyping and technical leadership, our experienced team has the resources and expertise to make car sharing successful at all levels.
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