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Concannon Business Consulting was founded to address the growing need for experienced project and program management teams across a variety of industries. Our team is comprised of experienced resources that deliver immediate project impact and value for our clients, with the mission of 100% customer satisfaction. Our company has grown from two business partners to dozens of consultants servicing clients in the automotive, financial, high-tech, hospitality, retail, and consumer packaged goods industries.


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2021 Yea​r in Review

Concannon Business Consulting Growth 2021-2022

2021 Yea​r in Review

2021 was a year of growth and vision for CBC. Looking ahead, we aim to continue to leverage the power of emerging technologies and drive organizational change and success across the industries we work with. 

In addition to our pre-existing areas of consulting which have proven to evolve in the changing workplace of the post-pandemic era, the company has also expanded its reach by launching two new strategic business units, Concannon XR and MercuryHub by Concannon.

We want to take a moment to thank our partners Talespin, ConveYour, RealWear, and Oculus. The success of our new ventures are made possible by these partnerships which expand outreach and enable us to realize our vision across the industries we serve. We look forward to expanding our ability to provide solutions and services, as well as insights, training, and education related to the changes to the landscape of today’s workplace.

CBC Expands Our Reach with 2 New Business Units

Concannon XR

In 2021, we started a new, dedicated practice area, focusing on delivering Extended Reality (XR) solutions to Fortune 2000 companies through partnerships with best-in-class hardware and software companies in the VR and AR space.

We have done extensive research of the XR industry and established partnerships with carefully selected companies with the intent to deliver VR and AR solutions to enterprise clients in the automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications, logistics and oil and gas industries.

With ConcannonXR, among the many goals we will continue to strive for as we  head into 2022 are to:

  • Bring “white glove” service to solutions design, deployment, and customer support by developing highly customized solutions that match our client’s business objectives and help end-users achieve positive results.
  • Increase value to our clients by deploying technologies and solutions that will result in large-scale cost savings, improved efficiencies, and better customer service.
  • Include remote support and assisted reality solutions to technicians and frontline workers as well as VR training solutions to prepare people for their work in dangerous, highly technical, or high-cost environments.
  • Continue to expand our expertise, including the Internet of Things (IoT), automotive technology, and employee training to facilitate digital transformation in a new sector by utilizing smart sensors, AI and XR technology to improve processes and save costs.


MercuryHub optimizes the changing landscape and processes of the workplace. It leverages 16 years of enterprise business consulting experience to develop a focused approach for matching professional expertise with clients’ short and mid-term staffing needs.

We utilize our proprietary screening techniques to not only match the right skills based on business requirements, but also identify the right personality, career goals, and culture fit to maximize the effectiveness of each of our resources.

MercuryHub continues our commitment to

  • Maximize the impact and outcomes of our professionals by leveraging our proven 6-step staffing process lifecycle
  • Provide access to the top talent in their respective roles, while simultaneously providing clients the backing of the MercuryHub leadership team as we support and mentor each individual staffed
  • Offer specialized expertise across multiple industry verticals in many roles:

  • Outsourced Sales
  • Business Analysis
  • Contracts & Vendor Management
  • Financial Analysis
  • Project & Program Management

  • Save clients both time and money by providing access to the exact right resource, at a contract length to fit our client’s budget, without them having to go through the process of hiring full-time employees for a short-term project or business needs

  • Guarantee our resources are the perfect fit for the role, based on the client need and project goals, from remote part-time to longer-term on-site or we promise to make it right

To reflect more on where we have been in 2021, and where we are going, we’d like to include a special message from CBC President, Mark Concannon:

Greetings All,

Wishing a Happy New Year to our clients, our team members, our partners, and friends of the firm.

Our growth and success in 2021 have been a direct result of the commitment of our team, the partnership with our clients, and finding innovative and flexible ways to keep everything on track. We come into 2022 stronger, more focused, and with a commitment to our clients and our future as an organization striving to always improve, deliver the highest quality, and build for the future of each individual we touch.

CBC has been driven by innovators who are passionate about integrity and individual excellence to develop client support and success capabilities and will continue to prioritize culture, client success, and team well-being above all.

Our specialized expertise in several core areas has set us apart as a consulting group, and as we head into the new year, I am thrilled with how we have positioned ourselves to adapt and guide our clients as they grow and change in these ever more global markets.

Looking ahead, our special skills, partnerships, and capabilities will continue to serve our high profile clientele interested in expanding their projects, supporting client experience, and developing their business models through:


Car Sharing

Autonomous Vehicles

XR for Enterprise

Microlearning and Engagement

Thank you to our trusted partners and teams, and wishing continued success and growth in 2022 and beyond. We all look forward to reaching new heights and achieving our goals together.


Mark Concannon