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Concannon Business Consulting was founded to address the growing need for experienced project and program management teams across a variety of industries. Our team is comprised of experienced resources that deliver immediate project impact and value for our clients, with the mission of 100% customer satisfaction. Our company has grown from two business partners to dozens of consultants servicing clients in the automotive, financial, high-tech, hospitality, retail, and consumer packaged goods industries.


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Agile Management

Agile practices have proven to be beneficial to both development teams and clients. Is your organization ready to implement Agile effectively?

Agile Implementation Success

Concannon Business Consulting provides several services to assess, optimize, and train Agile teams in challenging environments.  Our solutions are designed to real world challenges faced by teams delivering complex projects.

Why Agile?

Why Implement Agile?

Agile can be implemented in almost any industry, not just IT. It produces a working product very quickly in comparison to other models while including customer input and feedback throughout the development process. Additionally, Agile improves visibility and removes layers between stakeholders and working teams while minimizing traditional requirements and planning needs.

When Should You Use Agile?

Agile is best for situations where a working product, piece of software, or system is needed quickly and where having some features available soon is preferable to having everything available all at once. Agile is also well-suited to environments where requirements are fluid and likely to change, and where stakeholders (including clients) want to have a lot of input into the end product.

Must Agile Replace Waterfall?

A key opportunity for clients seeking to bring the Agile methodology to product development is to embrace a hybrid approach that combines aspects of both Agile and Waterfall in a way that capitalizes on the strengths of both. We know that this need is a reality many clients face and we have experience implementing hybrid approaches combining methodologies with great success.

Challenges and Solutions

Real World Challenges

Product Owners are not versed in Agile
Managers are managing project tasks
PMs are directing the team
Scrum Masters are untrained
Team collaboration is lacking

Our Solutions

Encourage generalizing specialists
Facilitate healthy Agile processes
Focus on servant leadership
Provide hands-on mentorship
Educate team on tools and processes

Our Agile Experience


We evaluate your environment and develop a tactical roadmap to achieve a successful Agile or hybrid implementation. Our approach provides a combination of insights, tools, and scalability for your organization, from initial evaluation through in-depth assessment and onboarding.


We work with your business and technology teams to provide hands-on advice and guidance for your Agile or hybrid initiatives. Our advisory experts provide actionable insights throughout the agile lifecycle, from ROI evaluation to team coaching and operational support.

Change Management

We develop a planned approach to manage and educate your organization and people on the impacts of an Agile methodology. Our methodology supports transitions across the business, covering the organizational landscape, leadership commitment, communication, and training.

Ready to Tackle Agile?

Our Agile implementation and management expertise brings together proven methodologies, training, process improvement, and change management to bring the benefits of Agile development to organizations and teams of all sizes.  Our team is ready to help you implement Agile or hybrid development, from evaluating existing development processes to assessing key opportunities for improvement and training teams new to Agile in the best practices and real-world applications of this modern methodology.
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