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How Consultants Can Help You Navigate Applying XR to the Enterprise

Concannon Business ConsultingVR and AR How Consultants Can Help You Navigate Applying XR to the Enterprise
XR Consultants for Enterprise Corporations

How Consultants Can Help You Navigate Applying XR to the Enterprise

Immersive tech is a field that has proven positive results for those who look to invest in it. According to the XR Industry Report for 2019 to 2020, 93% of the companies who have decided to incorporate VR into their enterprise have seen positive results. 57% have said that the uplift was very positive. Among the reports, the most common areas of usage for enterprise end-users included training, prototyping, and collaboration. Each of these areas is a large industry unto itself with massive market potential for XR adoption.  For example, Training Industry estimates that corporate training in North America represents a $170 million market. 

XR Applied To Enterprises Breeds Success

The modern world is very much improved by the use of XR in multiple ways.  XR increases engagement and retention, reduces costs, and scales easily.  Organizations like Miami Children’s Health System are finding that the retention level a year after a VR training session can be as much as 80 percent, compared to 20 percent retention after a week with traditional training. And on average, prototyping increases manufacturing by reducing the days something takes to be built by 58 days. The cost of prototyping is about 48 percent less than traditional methods of manufacturing. It’s due to the improvement that XR has on enterprise that so many companies are moving towards this implementation.

XR Consultants for Enterprise Level Companies  

Many companies are moving away from a more analog way of doing things to adopt XR. While the outcome of implementing XR has been proven fruitful for those who have decided to take this step, it may also be difficult for those who aren’t experts in the XR field. After all, XR and VR are still relatively new when applied to the public. 

Hiring consultants to come on board to help with the implementation of XR into your enterprise is suggested for companies that do not have this kind of technology yet. Consultants are experts who have provided their services to enterprises to ensure that there is a smooth transition from the old way of doing things to the use of XR.

What Do Consultants Do For Enterprises?

Hiring a consultant to help implement XR for enterprises is going to give you several beneficial services. First, consultants with strong XR experience can help enterprises develop a strategy and customize a deployment plan to ensure long-term success. XR consultants can also help enterprises determine exactly what XR needs exist, what kind of budget is required to meet goals, and what tools are needed to create a working solution.

Consultants also specialize in deploying the XR solution itself, including choosing and managing the right software, services, hardware, and employee training. Many of these tasks bring unique challenges that enterprises don’t have in-house expertise or resources to handle.  By leveraging XR consultants, companies can streamline XR visioning, development, and deployment while making the entire process smoother. Consultants are also able to provide strong guidance and experience-backed service on issues unique to XR, including device security, remote management, and user technical support.

Finding the Right XR Consultant

XR consultants for enterprise-level companies are imperative to the successful implementation of XR. Concannon XR is a results-driven Enterprise XR consulting firm that can customize the implementation of XR for your enterprise. Working with Fortune 500 firms, Concannon’s XR solutions have proven successful for every client they take on.

Mark Concannon