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Immersive Learning For Your Remote Workforce

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Immersive Learning for Remote Employees

Immersive Learning For Your Remote Workforce

While some companies had previously embraced at-home workdays to a degree, the global pandemic has made it evident that there’s a bigger place for remote work in today’s world. There are challenges to remote employees that have had to be overcome – one of those being continuous training and onboarding. For instance, when bringing a new employee onto the team, how can someone get proper onboarding training when they’re not in the office?

Immersive learning has become a popular tool for employers to train employees without having to take them away from work. With the power of Virtual Reality – VR – trainees can be fully immersed and be able to learn from the comfort of their own home. In regards to the remote workforce, immersive learning is key. Here’s why:

Learning Becomes Faster and More Accessible

More employees are working from home and VR helps in giving people the tools and the knowledge to learn effectively so they can do their jobs better. Dr. Haru Okuda, FACEP, FSSH, who is the executive director for the Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation, has stated, “we need augmented reality and virtual reality to help our learners learn faster and more effectively.” VR makes training more accessible for people who are more at risk for infection from the COVID-19 virus. The skill set gap can be closed with VR learning.

Immersive Learning Can Be Done at the Learner’s Pace

Rather than blocking out hours for a worker to receive training, immersive learning can break up lessons for a more realistic and comfortable experience. Rather than taking the employee away, they can spend up to ten minutes here and there learning new skills for the job that they are tasked to do. In addition to immersive learning allowing employees to learn at their own pace, it also makes the learning process interactive and therefore, easier to absorb.

Metrics Can Be Measured

The data that is collected from immersive learning allows managers the ability to measure how an individual is doing. Knowing the metrics of an employee’s training allows a manager to see how a person is progressing. It lets managers know if someone is retaining the training they’re receiving and if they are completing the lessons that they are assigned. According to a LinkedIn Learning Report, about 73% of talent developers express that immersive learning can be considered successful due to very clear “increased performance in metrics”.

Immersive Learning Can Simulate Reality

How do you give employees real-life experience during their training while stay-at-home or lockdown orders are in effect? VR can help simulate reality in order to give trainees proper experience. When you apply the vividness of VR, you can get a realistic feel for the job that you are being trained for. Moving into a “new normal” in the coming year, simulating reality can expand beyond walls and into realistic settings and new experiences. Want to simulate a customer experience? Or train future cruise trainees for life on the open sea? Interested in opening up a new facility in another country? VR can bring these very real experiences to life – at lower cost, reduced travel time, and with better focus.

VR Is The Future of Employee Training

Concannon understands the future of immersive learning. With plenty of experience in business consulting, Concannon can assist in bringing in the right talent to help your business succeed, even during a time where companies are forced to have their workers at home.

Mark Concannon