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Leveraging Emerging Technologies for Learning & Development

Concannon Business ConsultingMicrolearning Leveraging Emerging Technologies for Learning & Development
Leveraging Emerging Technologies for Learning & Development

Leveraging Emerging Technologies for Learning & Development

As the modern workplace continues to evolve, so does the adoption of new and innovative tools to drive training and development initiatives. Lengthy and traditional methods of onboarding and training – i.e. lecture or classroom setting styles – have proven to lack efficacy with many learners. 

In order to remain competitive and optimize efforts, businesses across sectors are seeking learning and development solutions that are both sustainable and scalable. The answer lies in the adoption of immersive learning technology like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), as well as microtraining tools. From employee onboarding to ongoing skill development, microtraining minimizes cognitive load to improve knowledge retention and bolster engagement levels. 

By leveraging emerging technologies via our partnerships with Talespin and ConveYour, we’re helping businesses increase their bottom line through the use of strategic learning methodologies and customized content creation. These microtraining tools are incredibly valuable, quickly transforming the future of corporate training and development programs. Here’s a closer look at these two powerful microtraining platforms and why they’re so beneficial. 

Talespin’s Immersive Learning Platform

As a leading developer of XR training tools and spatial computing solutions, Talespin is ushering in a new era of work – one that takes a skills-based approach. With touchpoints along every stage of the workforce lifecycle, the platform leverages XR to accelerate learning and development while helping organizations support workers in a more efficient manner. 

This past year, Talespin launched a new content development platform called CoPilot Designer. The tool allows for emotionally engaging learning experiences where workers can gain hands-on experience and interact with virtual humans through simulated environments. This provides trainees with the ability to make mistakes and learn at their own pace in a safe environment without real-world consequences. 

Talespin partnered with PwC to conduct a VR soft skills training study. Their findings revealed that CoPilot learning content outperformed traditional classroom learning, training workers 4 times faster. The study also found that workers were 275% more confident post-training, 3.75 times more emotionally connected to the content than classroom learners and 4 times more focused than peers using traditional e-learning methods. 

As a leading customer and partner of Talespin, Concannon is leveraging the platform both internally and externally to design highly customized and strategic training modules

Microtraining & Automation via ConveYour

Both new hires and seasoned workers can reap the benefits of ConveYour’s innovative microtraining platform, which helps companies improve the adoption and retention of learning materials through custom-built learning content. ConveYour utilizes automation to effectively bridge knowledge gaps, improve engagement, accelerate skill learning and decrease costs associated with poor retention. 

Through their system, organizations can segment their staff and new recruits based on specific factors, and automatically deploy certain training modules once a worker meets that criteria. Because the platform leverages automation, it provides businesses with invaluable time and cost-savings benefits. What’s more, workers receive relevant education and materials as needs arise – driving efficiency and minimizing administrative burden. 

With comprehensive reporting capabilities and 2-way text messaging, the platform can support everything from recruiting and onboarding to continuing education and employee feedback loops. At Concannon, we’re working alongside ConveYour to help businesses with ideation, content creation, implementation and evaluation.

Forward-Thinking Learning & Development

Microtraining tools are changing the narrative in the workplace, providing an effective resource for learning and development initiatives through the use of innovative technology. Partnering with the consultants at Concannon will ensure your organization develops the right programming, strategy and infrastructure needed to move the needle forward and drive long-term success. 

We also allow businesses to purchase as little or as much assistance as needed to support their goals. To learn more about how our experts can help your organization use microtraining, contact our team today.

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