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Maximize Microtraining Effectiveness Through AR and VR Technology

Concannon Business ConsultingMicrolearning Maximize Microtraining Effectiveness Through AR and VR Technology
Microtraining with VR AR

Maximize Microtraining Effectiveness Through AR and VR Technology

Today’s generation of workers are accustomed to utilizing smart technology in all facets of their lives. Traditional training programs no longer yield the same efficacy as they once did. As a result, businesses across industries are leveraging experiential and immersive learning via cutting-edge tools like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to drive efficiency and improve results.

In conjunction with these innovative tools, organizations are turning to microlearning as a way to increase knowledge retention and foster skill development. When paired with AR and VR for microtraining, it reduces ineffective and lengthy training programs while minimizing cognitive load and engaging a variety of learning tactics for enhanced impact. 

Here’s a look at some of the ways businesses are using AR/VR for microtraining. 

Introductory Onboarding & Tours

When online training is fused together with AR/VR technology, it creates a personalized experience for the end-user. New hires have the ability to become acclimated with their new work environment before their first day even arrives. From interacting with client personas to familiarizing themselves with equipment, learners are immersed in life-like experiences where they can experiment and make mistakes without worrying about any hazardous or costly repercussions. 

Skill-Based Gamification

By weaving gaming into the VR learning environment, employees can tackle challenges and real-life situations in a safe space that allows them to strengthen their on-the-job skills. VR brings an element of realism that simply cannot be replicated. By stepping into real-world scenarios, workers can practice responding to different situations, which effectively boosts engagement while improving knowledge retention. It also allows more fun, game-like ways of training employees on both soft and hard skills rather than forcing them to sit through yet another video or PowerPoint presentation.

Product Demos & Experience

Through AR/VR for microtraining, employees can safely interact with products and equipment. From heavy machinery to lab-based work, organizations can provide their staff with the flexibility to educate themselves without shouldering the costly burden of using real products – which can be damaged during training. This reduces out-of-pocket expenses for employers while boosting overall staff productivity. In addition, it serves as a valuable learning resource for new and upcoming product or service launches. 

Even sales processes can be transformed into exciting experiences for employees. For instance, end-users can be tasked with confronting a difficult customer to advance their communication and problem-solving skills without being vulnerable to client turnover or poor satisfaction scores. 

Perform Ongoing Assessments

To ensure workers remain agile and are continuously developing as professionals, organizations can leverage AR/VR for microtraining to gauge their level of knowledge and performance. Just like with traditional training and assessment tools, AR/VR solutions bring a full suite of administration and management tools to track performance and scores.  Any gaps that are uncovered can then be focused on with additional microlearning activities to help strengthen weaknesses.

To fuel competitiveness, growth and profitability in today’s business landscape, companies must have the right systems and technology in place. VR and AR for microlearning is highly advantageous for employers and employees alike – providing a personalized, immersive experience for staff while maximizing ROI for companies. 

To learn more about how the specialists at Concannon can help optimize your training efforts through VR and AR technology, contact us today.

Mark Concannon