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Modern HR Training: Remote & Mobile Onboarding

Concannon Business ConsultingMicrolearning Modern HR Training: Remote & Mobile Onboarding

Modern HR Training: Remote & Mobile Onboarding

HR teams across industries are recognizing that mobility is the new normal, and adding a measure of distance between employees is now standard. Remote and mobile onboarding is an excellent way to efficiently equip your new hires with the information they need, when they need it

Microlearning is changing the way employees are trained. This kind of learning is particularly suited to onboarding new hires because it allows them to absorb information in short, manageable chunks. Typically, these chunks take the form of short videos, but they can also be PDFs, quizzes, infographics, anything that allows you to get your message across in a small amount of time. Integrating XR solutions and technology brings several benefits and allows your team to work collaboratively when needed.

A mobile microlearning or microtraining platform has exponential benefits: it saves money because there’s no need to rent out a big venue or pay for hotels and transportation. It also saves time because employees can choose when they want to train instead of having to take time off.

Benefits of Mobile Onboarding 

Microlearning is an effective way to reduce the stress of a new hire and make their life easier. It’s also a great way to build relationships with your team members as everyone can easily connect. When you’re onboarding remotely, you need to make sure your digital training materials are easily accessible for new hires so they can learn at their own pace and on their own time. 

The benefits of remote and mobile onboarding are manifold:

  • You can provide a consistent experience across your organization, no matter where employees are located.

  • You can streamline workflows and eliminate a paper trail.

  • You can reduce administrative costs.

  • You can improve employee productivity and engagement at every stage of their career with you.

Onboarding through mobile platforms makes training easy for people to access, even on their mobile devices, and it lets you get right to the point without overloading your learner with too much information at once (which is key when you’re trying to train someone on something they’ve never done before). Microlearning is also flexible—it can be used as part of an onboarding process or just as a refresher for existing employees who need help with something specific like how to use our website or what your company’s mission statement is.

Advance Your Organization by Modernizing HR training

Remote and mobile onboarding programs allow your organization to: 

1) Get new hires started right away 

2) Build a strong organizational culture 

3) Welcome new employees into your team 

4) Keep their attention when they’re not physically present

Is it time for your business to go mobile with your onboarding? Contact us today to request a personalized demo. Let the Concannon team help integrate perfect HR training for you. 

Mark Concannon