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Reinventing HR with XR technology

Concannon Business ConsultingVR and AR Reinventing HR with XR technology
Reinvent HR Department with XR Technology

Reinventing HR with XR technology

In an ever-evolving technology-driven world, companies must stay abreast of trends, implement new technology, and identify ways to bridge growing skill gaps. While eXtended Reality (XR) – comprised of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) – is still in its infancy, the World Economic Forum predicts an estimated 58% of companies will embrace this immersive technology by 2022.

In other words, the future is beginning now. 

How XR Technology Could Reinvent HR & The Workplace

From consumer-facing sectors like e-commerce and gaming to manufacturing applications on the enterprise side, there’s a slew of arguments for adopting XR technology in the workplace. A large component of why AR/VR is so advantageous is it allows organizations to “realistically simulate dangerous or expensive situations in a safe environment – making it especially effective and engaging to train staff to be safer and less wasteful,” shares Lou Pushelberg, Co-Founder of Circut Stream.

In addition, it’s a huge value-add for Human Resources. The HR department can leverage XR technology to facilitate professional development and radically transform the way soft skills are taught. It can also be employed as a resource for areas like diversity training as well. 

Identifying Workflow & Efficiency Solutions Amid Covid-19 Challenges

Before the pandemic hit, companies across a myriad of industries were beginning to deploy XR technology as a tool for customer service and support personnel. When Covid-19 hit, however, it completely disrupted the way XR was being adopted and utilized in the workplace.

Seemingly overnight, companies across the globe were forced into remote working environments – and with business travel no longer an option, companies went into crisis mode. While daunting and challenging, organizations got creative and found ways to navigate these uncharted waters.

As business procedures were altered, and new processes were implemented, a myriad of benefits began to emerge from the adoption of digital-based approaches. Pandemic or no pandemic, now that changes have been made, employers won’t want to revert to outdated methods that are inefficient. 

What’s considered “normal” in the workplace has greatly shifted, and with it, how XR and its subsequent advantages are perceived. It’s no longer regarded as something aspirational; instead, it’s now seen as an essential tool. After all, what organization would opt to forgo improving productivity, accuracy and efficiency in the workplace? Also crucial is XR’s ability to deliver what employers desperately need right now: to reduce costs, to act swiftly, and to have the flexibility to tap into different revenue streams.

XR Technology and the Employee Experience

The way employees interact with digital information via XR provides employers with the opportunity to empower their staff and improve upon both the employee and customer experience. In IBM’s AR and VR in the Workplace report, researchers found that companies using augmented reality saw a whopping 46% decrease in the time it took for employees to complete tasks. Similarly, productivity saw an increase of 32% on average.

Providing a work environment that’s effective, motivational and safe for employees in today’s climate is no easy feat – and XR certainly provides a smart, strategic solution. While the technology is still developing, it’s clear how impactful it’ll be for employee engagement, training and workflow.

Implementing XR Technology into your HR Department

If your HR team is interested in how XR technology can be utilized to train employees and provide immersive learning experiences, reach out the XR specialists at Concannon XR. Our team of XR consultants works with Fortune 500 companies across the country to set a new standard for XR learning.

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