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Maximize Staff Utilization With Remote Monitoring

Concannon Business ConsultingStaffing Maximize Staff Utilization With Remote Monitoring
Remote staff monitoring

Maximize Staff Utilization With Remote Monitoring

Optimizing employee production and performance is key to the growth of your organization. But in the wake of the pandemic and the shift to remote work, it can be hard to know how well your staff is truly performing. We’ll explore why remote staff monitoring is important, how you can use various tools to track it, and what you can do with that information once you have it.

The Benefits of Remote Staff Monitoring

Understanding how to boost employee productivity and allocate resources appropriately has always been a complex task, but even more so when staff is working remotely. Proper monitoring and management tools can help shed light on your team’s performance, so you can direct it to where it matters most.

Research shows that remote workers are more likely to work outside of typical business hours, but that can lead to burnout and difficulty disconnecting. They may also be working on different projects than their teammates. As a result, it’s important for organizations to monitor remote employees so that they can ensure staff is spending time working on the most impactful tasks. 

How well businesses optimize their staffing resources and use metrics to make adjustments to policies and directives and support their staff can increase employee satisfaction, performance, and your bottom line. Remote tracking software, also called remote monitoring software or tracking software simplifies this task and increases the efficiency and capability of your organization.

Incorporating Remote Monitoring Software

Remote monitoring works by using a third-party app that you install on your employees’ devices to monitor their activity. The app tracks what they’re doing and reports it back to you. Meaningful reporting then lets you see where and how each employee is spending their time.

Remote Monitoring Software enables teams and their leaders to

  • Know exactly what tasks need to be done at any given time
  • Improve communication and efficiency because nothing slips through the cracks
  • Access data and metrics to keep everyone accountable and ensures quality control, and address issues before they arise 
  • Safeguards sensitive information with privacy, security, and tracking features 

Implementing Remote Monitoring Software with Success

Remote monitoring software requires some considerations that you will want to address so it functions effectively for your organization.

  1. Employee monitoring software allows you to view the activities of your teams while they are working remotely. You can see what they are doing, where they are working, and if they have any issues that need to be addressed. You can also remotely track the use of your equipment so you know when it is being used and by whom. This can be an issue for employees who feel there is a potential breakdown in trust or that they aren’t being valued. Make sure expectations and goals are communicated clearly and with employee satisfaction in mind.

  2. Tracking employee time management helps employers prioritize because it lets them ensure that employees are completing work in a timely manner, showing up where and when they are needed, and not wasting time on things unrelated to that task. This type of monitoring ensures accountability on both ends: for both employees and employers alike – which ultimately leads to better results for everyone involved —including customers.

  3. Technical monitoring software may record an expansive amount of data that isn’t meaningful or useful without correctly translating that information and simplifying it so that everybody can make sense of it. Make sure you have at least one team member with data analysis skills to pull meaningful information from the aggregated data and metrics.

As remote work continues to evolve in the workplace, employee monitoring is more important than ever to the long-term success of your organization. To learn more about how our experts can help further support your growth and development, contact us today.

Mark Concannon