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Concannon Business Consulting was founded to address the growing need for experienced project and program management teams across a variety of industries. Our team is comprised of experienced resources that deliver immediate project impact and value for our clients, with the mission of 100% customer satisfaction. Our company has grown from two business partners to dozens of consultants servicing clients in the automotive, financial, high-tech, hospitality, retail, and consumer packaged goods industries.


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Senior Living Ops

Preparing senior living communities and operators for growth, efficiency, and quality in a demanding market

Audit and Roadmap

As the senior population continues to grow, the needs and expectations faced by senior living operations are becoming more complex. Organizations need to plan for increasing demand if they want to remain efficient while providing top quality and experiences. We can help.

Increasing Senior Needs.

Operations to manage senior living require an increasing array of business optimizations to stay ahead of the curve. From improving communications, and processes, and increasing IT efficiency to optimizing budgets and retaining more employees, organizations focused on senior living need the right tools and plans to continue growth while improving the quality of support and resident care.

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% of Americans aged 65 and older by 2040


# of senior living communities in the US


% increase in assisted living facilities over the next 12 months


% increase in memory care facilities over the next 12 months

What We Do

Audit the Existing Operations

Review and analyze operations, perform a comprehensive IT assessment, understand people, process, and technology comprising the current budget

Identify Gaps and Opportunities

Document the identified gaps, define areas of opportunity for improvement, evaluate current IT infrastructure, and provide market research support

Envision Future State

Document what the operations should look like after efficiencies are realized, then establish a vision for the team to embrace and execute on

Set Roadmap

Leverage audit input and future state vision to set the plan and achieve the future state with rough timelines while addressing known gaps

Implement the Plan

We provide guidance, expertise, and staffing as needed to execute on the plan, achieve program goals, and provide continuous support

Measure and Adjust

We continue to measure results, analyze new opportunities and adjust the program to meet changing needs and conditions

Data-driven Human Performance Insights

Across the program lifecycle we leverage data backed by the PeopleBest platform to drive decision making and process improvement. Collecting and utilizing data at every step brings multiple benefits. It lets us help clients decrease turnover, improve employee satisfaction, and drive leadership visibility while at the same time boosting senior care and engagement.


Ready to Maximize Your Senior Living Operations?

We have worked with organizations of all sizes to build and execute on strategic roadmaps in challenging environments. Whether your needs are primarily in IT improvement or you need help understanding and planning for the changing demands of the senior market, our team has many years of exeperience guiding clients for strategic success. When you are ready to take your operations to the next level, so are we.
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