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With the rapid advancement of sensors, data collection, phone, and smart home integrations, are you taking advantage of telematics offerings?

Cars Connected

Telematics and related remote machine-to-machine communications present significant customer engagement opportunities for the entire auto industry.  This extends to providers of software, hardware, telecom and other related services. This fast paced and rapidly changing sphere also presents challenges. Developing and implementing the proper organizational, operational and technology framework is essential for success.

Unprecedented Expansion.

The telematics field is the leading edge of business and technology developments for the auto industry. From early voice help services to fully connected head units, the telematics space has undergone rapid expansion and sophistication in the last few years. As more cars connect to phones, the internet, and each other every day, customers continue to demand additional features and push the limits of connected car capabilities. Staying ahead of these demands requires more than just automotive know-how. Success in this space will be dependent on making the right culture, operations and overall approach part of the organizational DNA.

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% of Vehicles Will Be Connected in 2023


Billion Dollar Market by 2025


Average Price of a Connected Car in 2020


% Market Annual Growth Rate

Key Considerations for Telematics Programs

Revenue Models

Telematics enables a large variety of revenue models to recoup the costs of hardware, development, and service. From package deals to monthly fees to individual service pricing, choosing the right model is key to maximizing telematics revenue and customer retention.

Apps and UX

Telematics software and how drivers and passengers interact with it is essential to telematics. Choosing an app platform, apps to include, smartphone integration experience, development partners, restrictions, and look and feel determine both how customers perceive telematics offerings and how companies can differentiate in the market.

Partner Selection

Developing a telematics ecosystem requires a large number of partners, from hardware providers to wireless carriers to OS providers and roadside support. Selecting the right combination of partners and setting the right expectations is critical to success.

Software Updates

Just like with smartphones, connected vehicles require frequent software updates to provide new features, patch issues, and enable future capabilities. The requirements and drawbacks of update delivery methods must be considered and acted upon.

Connected Security

As recent high-profile hacks have made clear, connected cars provide an enticing target for cyber attacks. Telematics teams need to take into account security measures for hardware, software, and internet connections in order to keep customers safe.

Future Proofing

Vehicle development cycles take years longer than software and consumer electronics development cycles, but customers expect the latest tech in their cars. Telematics programs need to plan for new capabilities and feature enablements years away in order to remain relevant.

How We Can Help

Technology Advisory

The telematics space is full of options related to architecture, financing, and product offerings to be selected for the market. CBC leverages its deep experience to provide expert guidance on technology offerings, including product planning, future service guidance, and business intelligence.

Telematics Strategy

Traditional product manufacturing and consumer electronics follow entirely different development and support timelines and expectations. We provide the organization, operation, and cultural shifts necessary to meet expectations and keep ahead of the competition, including organization assessments, roadmap development and OCM.

Program Execution

Implementing telematics solutions requires experienced team members to balance business needs, customer expectations, and the technology limitations. CBC brings experts in this field well-versed in program management, project management, business analysis, and organizational change management.

Ready to Tackle Telematics?

Our telematics expertise provides invaluable support in preparing your business for success in telematics, including aligning the technology, culture and execution to effectively support the organizational goals. We can help you get from your current state to a market-leading telematics position.
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