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The Power of Automating Training Processes Using Microtraining Tools

Concannon Business ConsultingMicrolearning The Power of Automating Training Processes Using Microtraining Tools
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The Power of Automating Training Processes Using Microtraining Tools

In part one of our series, The Power of Automating Recruiting Processes Using Microtraining Tools, we delved into the importance of implementing a successful recruitment strategy that’s efficient, drives growth and increases your organization’s bottom line. 

For part two, we’re shifting our focus onto the training side of the equation. From building customized microtraining content, to driving specific outcomes, to boosting the adoption and retention of vital learning materials, ConveYour’s innovative microtraining tools can be leveraged for both new hires and seasoned workers alike. 

By deploying a strategic and customized training system via automation, businesses can improve engagement levels, reduce costs associated with poor retention and effectively bridge learning gaps. 

Once again, Concannon’s Lori Woods connected with Stephen Rhyne of ConveYour to gain more insight into their microtraining platform, discussing the ways in which it can optimize training initiatives for businesses with high-volume recruiting that utilize 1099 contractors.

Lori: In part one of our series, you discussed how companies are using your microtraining tools for recruiting, can you talk about the training side of the equation?

Stephen: Yep. So this brings to mind a leading smart home security company we work with. Their challenge was they were recruiting 10,000+ reps per year, but only 20% of those individuals were successfully converting to fully productive, operational workers within the company’s onboarding timeframe. They were looking for ways to increase the readiness of their workforce, bridge knowledge gaps and keep motivations high – all aspects needed to get reps prepped for their selling season. They needed a creative way to extract pieces of relevant training and deliver them to individual reps based on where they resided on the learning curve

For instance, they had a seasoned group of veteran reps that needed to remain up-to-date on compliance-related matters while another group of workers fell into the rookie category. We helped them dynamically segment their entire list of recruits based on certain criteria and factors – like the number of sales made within a given timeframe. We then implemented a system that automatically releases certain resources and training modules to reps once they meet that criteria. And because it’s all automated, they only have one or two people overseeing the entire system – providing time and cost-saving benefits. 

Lori: What is the best way to use ConveYour specifically for onboarding purposes?

Stephen: We like to work backward. ConveYour should ultimately serve your long-term strategy. For instance, what KPIs do you need to reach in the next quarter, what skills must a recruit have to reach those goals, what knowledge do they need to retain, etc. This information can then be reverse engineered to build out the appropriate training content needed to satisfy those objectives. 

Once we build out the training modules, we utilize the Campaigns feature to release specific content commensurate to your goals at the right time. From there, we use ConveYour Automations to take the guesswork (and administrative costs) out of adding new team members to training campaigns, allowing trainees to receive relevant education as needs arise and they meet certain criteria.

We have robust reporting capabilities that allow companies to see how people are doing at each point within their program. This information can be used to reach out and engage with workers who are in need of support or assistance. 2-way text messaging is also a key factor in supporting the onboarding and training process. ConveYour creates a designated space for trainee feedback, so companies can easily support a community of users through targeted messaging within their ConveYour Groups. These features, of course, can be used for a wide variety of other purposes in addition to onboarding.

Lori: With such valuable resources, why wouldn’t a company want to make this transition and how do you counter this resistance?

Stephen: A common resistance we face is the time needed to create the program. This is why we’ve forged a partnership with Concannon Business Consulting as our preferred managed services consultancy. Our clients receive access to a one-stop shop for program development, which ensures that they can develop the right strategy and infrastructure designed for long-term success. Plus, we like that your company allows businesses to purchase as little or as much assistance as desired to support their business objectives. 

Lori: Absolutely. That’s what we’re here for. So what makes a company a good candidate for microtraining tools like these?

Stephen: High-growth companies that need to fill a lot of positions that have little variation. Businesses that need to get people up to speed quickly are also a good fit – especially those with groups of recruits that may have little-to-no experience. Our microtraining tools can be utilized across industries, but it’s most frequently leveraged in the HR, leadership and training spaces.

Lori: Where can someone go to learn more about ConveYour?

Stephen: Our blog is a great resource for staying up-to-date on the latest news and products released from ConveYour. 

We’re incredibly grateful to Stephen for his time and willingness to chat with us about how ConveYour’s microtraining tools can serve as a powerful resource for automating the training and recruitment processes.

To learn more about how the experts at Concannon can create content, modules and training solutions to help you meet your business goals, contact us today.

Mark Concannon